My thoughts are with Extreme Networks folks next few days

  • 12 September 2018
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Hope all of you in Extreme TAC in North Carolina stay safe and are prepared as you can be for what is coming your way. My thoughts and prayers are with each of you and your families. Stay safe and dry if you can.

4 replies

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Thanks EtherMAN. The track is taking the center of the storm to our south, but Florence is huge! Schools and universities all around us are closed and we're still expecting upwards of 10" of rain along with the potential for tropical storm force winds. We're doing our best to take precautions and ensure that our customers aren't impacted by our availability (or the lack thereof).
Let's hope this isn't as painful for NC and SC as it looks like it has the potential to be.


Edit for those wondering what this post is referencing
Hurricane Florence:
She sure is pretty:
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We have a rule here on the Gulf coast... You can hunker down if there is wind but you should always run from water and I just saw that he is whipping up some waves that are reaching 85 feet tall right now.... Hope they are all wrong and this thing get shredded and heads north...
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Definitely. Raleigh is far enough inland that storm surge shouldn't be an issue, but they're also calling for 10-15 inches of rain inland so that could be rough for low-lying areas.
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Totally agree with EtherMAN... I hope you all stay safe!