Please Welcome Jeremy Gibbs to the Embassadors Program!

  • 7 November 2016
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Hello Everyone,
Please join me in welcoming Jeremy Gibbs to The Hub's Embassadors program!

Since joining the community a little over one year ago, Jeremy's participation and insight sent him to the top of the all-time members leaderboard. The troubleshooting tips and thoughts that he provides to other community members go a long way to the overall success of the community and bringing him into the Embassadors program is a way for us to show some appreciation!

Jeremy, thank you for your dedication to Extreme and The Hub!


(For more information on the Extreme Embassadors program, take a look at the FAQ)

10 replies

Congratulations Jeremy.

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Congratulations Jeremy! Thanks for the support on The Hub.
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Congrats Jeremy!
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Well done Jeremy.

Since joining the Hub in September 2015 your engagement has been tremendous. Resolving issues at all hours of the day and across numerous technology disciplines, the Extreme Community has really benefited from your contributions. Thank you!

Great to see you get the recognition you deserve for your mastery of purple networking. You'll make a wonderful Hub Embassador.

We really appreciate your trust in Extreme.
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Congratulations Jeremy ! We really appreciate your interest in and commitment to Extreme products.
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Congratulations Jeremy! We appreciate your support on the Hub.
Jeremy, keep up the good work! Congrats on becoming an Embassador!
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Congratulations. We appreciate your support .

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Congratulations Jeremy!
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Welcome to the embassador group!