Unable to add products as switches to the new online portal.

  • 23 March 2017
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Ever since the new online portal was implemented, we haven't been able to see all of our switches on there. There also doesn't seem to be a way to add these items as assets to the page. Is there any way I can have these registered?

4 replies

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Hi Louise, welcome to The Hub!
This functionality hasn't been added to the new portal yet, but I believe it is planned. I'm guessing the issue is related to an asset and account misalignment. Could you please email portal@extremenetworks.com with the serial numbers you expect to see on your account. Please also send your portal username with that email.
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Hello Louise,
I was able to review your contracts and believe we have your serial number data, it's just not properly aligned to your account. I'm working with our internal teams to get that corrected and will notify you once we believe it's complete. 
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Hello Louise,

Can you please check your portal account again. I believe all the data should be updated correctly now.
If you have other information that is still not showing correctly, please email the details to portal@extremenetworks.com and we'll work out the details off line.

Thanks for the help. It looks like everything is there, but I will go over it in more detail today.