Welcome Matthias as The Hub's Newest Embassador!

  • 20 October 2016
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I'd like to take a minute to welcome Matthias to the Extreme Embassadors program!

Matthias has been a consistent source of reliable information and solutions since joining the community three years ago. His critical eye and attention to detail have led many community members to the answer to their questions and networking problems.

Matthias, thank you for your dedication to Extreme!

For more information on the Extreme Embassadors program and how to become one, the FAQ covers this nicely.


17 replies

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Congrats Matthias
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Congrats Matthias! Well deserved!
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Well done Matthias.

Your engagement and contribution to the Hub has been exceptional since day 1. Hard to believe, but you joined all the way back in Oct 2013. This Community has come a long way since then and you're a big reason for that.

Really glad to see you recognized through he Extreme Embassador program. Your mastery of Extreme Technology and Solutions is undeniable. We appreciate the partnership we have with you directly and Bell Computer-Netzwerke GmbH in general.

It takes a Community to run a modern network, because no one can know it all. Its members like you that make that statement a reality.

Thank you for your trust in Extreme Networks and belief in the Hub.
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Congratulations Matthias!
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Congratz Matthias!
Very cool Matthias! You and all of Bell are doing a great job for Extreme Networks, really appreciated! And of course I am especially poud that the newest embassador comes from Germany 🙂!!
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Congratulations ! and well done Matthias,
Congratulations Matthias.
excellent Matthias, congratulations.

Great Stuff Matthias. Many Congratulations and thanks for all you do.
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Very good - we need more of this...
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Congratulations Matthias. 🙂
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Congratulations ! I´m proud to be in his team ! 🙂
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Congratulations ! I´m proud to be in his team ! :-)We're glad to have you as well. It was great to meet you last week!
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