Welcome Our Newest Embassador - David Coglianese!

  • 1 February 2017
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Please join me in welcoming David Coglianese to The Hub's Embassador program! David joined the Extreme Networks community almost two years ago (with significant Extreme experience prior) and has worked his way up the points leaderboard by helping others and posing his own questions to The Hub's collective knowledge.

David, thank you again for your dedication to Extreme and The Hub! Be on the lookout for some Extreme Networks goodies to head your way.


(For more information on the Extreme Embassadors program, take a look at the FAQ)

20 replies

Nice work! Congrats Drew!

congrats David Coglianese!
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Thanks for the warm welcome,

I think the HuB is a great resource for us Partners and and our customers. I greatly enjoy helping others when I can and have found some helpful ideas on here over the last couple years as well.

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Congratulations David!
congrats David Coglianese 🙂
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Congrats David
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Welcome to the club David 🙂
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Congratulations David!
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Thank you,
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Well done David and congrats!

We very much appreciate your many contributions to the Community and it's great to see you get recognized as an Embassador.

Thanks for your trust in Extreme Networks and the Hub.
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Congrats David! Thanks for all of your great help on here!!
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Congratulations David ! glad to have you our extended team.
Congratulations David.
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Congratulations David
Great work David! When I met with you a year ago at Dearborn Public Schools, I had no idea you were so highly regarded as a HUB contributor.... Thank YOU!!
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Many congrats David for achieving this rare feet.......

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Congratulations David! Well deserved.
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Congratulations David! Well deserved.Figures the person I know best is the last to post.
Congratulations David Coglianese!
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Congrats David!