Welcome the Embassadors group, EtherMAN!

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Please join me in welcoming EtherMAN to The Hub's Embassador program! I had the pleasure of meeting him in our NC office a few weeks ago and made his promotion to Embassador official then. I should have announced it sooner :)

EtherMAN has been a member of The Hub for almost 3 years, but he's been an Extreme Networks customer for nearly 20 years! As such, his passion for all things Extreme runs deep and his knowledge is immense. We're certainly glad to have him. If I remember correctly, EtherMAN was also one of the first members of Ethernation, which was one of Extreme's early web-based forums.

Thanks again for being part of The Hub and taking time to help out around here. Your insight goes a long way for everyone!


(For more information on the Extreme Embassadors program, take a look at the FAQ)

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Thanks Drew and Extreme... Trust me the honor is mine to be part of this support group. It still amazes me every day how all users in this group willing share their expertise and knowledge. For you group members out there it is well worth the time and effort to set up a tour and see for yourself what lies behind this company at the support and engineering levels...

Thanks again

Was nice to meet you when you visited the Raleigh office EtherMAN and congrats on becoming an Embassador!
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Congratulations EtherMAN!
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Congratulations EtherMAN and welcome to the Embassadors Group!
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congrats 🙂
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Congratulation EtherMAN! 🙂
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Congrats, EtherMAN!

Glad to have you as an Embassador
Congratulations EtherMAN!
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Congrats EtherMAN!
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Congratulations EtherMAN!
Thanks for your help with this matter