120 AC volt to 220 AC volt dual power migration "hot"

  • 23 March 2017
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I have several X460 switches stacked each with dual power supplies for our core router. I would like to migrate them from 120 AC volt power to 220 AC volt power. Can I do this hot one power supply at a time or would the mixed voltage create problems for the switch while I do the migration?

3 replies

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I'm not sure we'll find this written as something explicitly supported but I've done this in our lab with various model switches. The switch itself receives the same voltage either way, so it shouldn't matter.
Ok good to know. Technically it would only be on mixed voltages for a minute or two tops while I swapped the other power supply to 220 volt. Concerned about damaging the switch to a point where it needs to be replaced which would be bad since our core router. However, good to know it has been successfully done. Thanks.
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FYI you can do the same thing with A/C D/C psu's to swap from one to another... We converted 670's 480's and a few 8900's to D/C power 3 years ago to get longer run times. Did each node without an outage. I would not run this setup permanently but we had 2 power sources for at least 20 or so minutes per site..