3765 Pigtail

  • 4 April 2014
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Hello, Gentlemen!

Checking the 3765 installation guide, we are offen with the same question...

The "Pigtail" is necessary for all the antennas or not ?

What defines that?

Thank you very much!


5 replies

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Yes, the pigtail is always necessary for outdoor deployments because you need lightning protection. The 3765/67e come with 6 reverse SMA connectors on the AP. The lightning protectors are using reverse N connectors, as well as the LMR cables and antennas. The pigtail converts the R-SMA from the AP to R-N to connect to the LP. Please note that if you have any unused R-SMA connectors on the AP, they should be terminated with a R-SMA terminator to prevent RF leakage.

At this case, we wouldn't need the lightning protector because it is a covered area.

Do we have any other adapter to connect the antenna or even on an "lightning free environment", it would be necessary?

Afa I understood, it is not possible to connect the antenna straightly. Right?


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This is an example of an AP2660. Radio 1 has an antenna and a terminator. Radio 2 has two antennas. I usually use a lightning protector connecting directly ...
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Our engineers recommend that the lightning protector is as close as possible to the AP, therefore, normally the LP is connected to the pigtail and the antenna or LMR cables are connected to the LP.


Currently you cannot connect the antennas without the LP with our accessories since the majority of the 376X installations require LP protection.

Thank you very much Will !