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3805e outdoor antenna

  • 24 April 2015
  • 2 replies

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Looking for a outdoor antenna for the AP3805e access point. Searching for a third-party solution as alternative for the indoors antennas WS-AI-DD05120 (sector antenna) or WS-AI-DQ04360 (omni directional).

Any recommendations? Maybe for the AP3825e, too.

2 replies

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I asked the Wireless Product Managers about this and here's the response:

"Not currently supported.

For one thing the connectors for AP3865e antennas (N) and indoor AP3835/AP3805 (RPSMA) are different.

However, the main issue is certification. Outdoor operation regulations are typically different than indoor. That solution (Indoor AP – installed indoors) with an Outdoor Antenna (Installed outdoors) would need to be certified as a combo for that configuration. Current APs are unaware of outdoor operational regulatory restrictions (allowed power levels, allowed channels)- and would need to be aware of the corresponding antenna that would be paired in that configuration."
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You would also be unable to configure the external antennas in the controller.

When installing external antennas you have to edit each AP, selecting the AP and pressing Professional Installation.

then selecting the antenna model installed in each antenna port.

The list includes only the approved antennas and there's no provision for an "unknown" antenna.