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  • 29 November 2013
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We currently have 2 C4110 controllers on v08.21.01.0198 of the software and 62 Enterasys APs. We've concentrated on student areas but would like to improve wireless on some staff areas using a Cisco WAP2000 AP and some 3Com APs we have laying around.

Looking at the help we need to go into VNS Configuration > Topologies > Port1 (our only physical port) and tick the '3rd Party' tick box before we can add the foreign APs.

If I do this, what will happen? I'm totally risk averse and therefore reticent about doing it because the last thing I want to do is break the existing and stable provision and have all the students on my back. Could anyone advise.

Many thanks!

2 replies

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Hello Colin,

For Third Party AP support, you will want to configure a dedicated physical port on the C4110. Definitely do not configure Port1 as a Third Party port, because you will lose your other AP management and wireless user access.

Since the C4110 has 4 physical 1gb ports, you can configure another port as a "physical interface" through the GUI. In the same Topology screen just select "New" and then choose "Physical" from the drop down menu and assign it to another available port (Port2, 3, or 4).
From there you can configure this as a Third Party AP port and direct that traffic through the controller for network access. As long as these are "standalone" access points, we will support these clients through the designated controller interface.

If you have any questions regarding this, please give the GTAC a call and we can assist!

Jason Noni
Sr Support Engineer
Extreme Networks
I'm so glad I asked before trying it!

Jason, thank you very much for your time, and the information, you've saved me a lot of bother.