Ap 3715 secondary wired Port use as a switch

  • 27 December 2013
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Is it now or in Future possible to user the secondary gigabit wired Port on a 3715i AP as a forwarding or switched Port ??? We have different situations where are only one ethernet Port is located in a classroom ... Actually we Need this Port for the AP but it would be Great to forward the wired ethernet to a secondary device Iike a wired Beamer or anything .

5 replies

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Currently the second port is there for redundancy if the first port goes offline. I have not seen any plans to make both ports active at this time. If you would like I can open a C4 request for product enhancement? Just let me know if this is something you would like us to pursue.


Doug Hyde
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I have actually 3 projects with more than 20 AP.... and in every project minimum 3 situations where i could perfect use the secondary wired port for connecting other devices behind the AP . So it would be Great from you to create such a feature request ! (C4)
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Due to the nature of this question, I am going to change it to a product idea so we can start monitoring it in our product engineering queue. Thanks!
This is something that we have considered but have not yet confirmed. I would love to hear your use case(s) for this request. It clearly makes sense for 11ac but not sure how it would help you with 11n?
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Hello Ali,

sorry but I don ́t understand your question ... what is the relation to 11n or 11ac ?

We have actually a project with a Campus of a small University here in Germany .. the Campus is a very wide area of small houses and some of them have only one wired port as a copper Connection to the Backbone. Actually we have there 8 Port Switches on this port but we want to Change to a only wireless enviroment.

There it would be great to use the second Port on a AP3715 as a Switch port to connect a secondary

AP or a Beamer behind the AP3715 without the needing of addional wired Installation or the needing of a Switch infrastructure ( on top of the AP3715 ). Some of these houses are about 40 m and there we need 2 AP's . If i could use the secondary Port on the first AP as a switched Port .. i could connect the secondary AP over an inhouse copper Connection without aditional switches ..

Regards Christian