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Auto selection a preferred band

  • 1 April 2015
  • 1 reply

Hi, I have EWC V2110 and APs 3865e
Can I specify in settings automatic band selection in case device of clients supported both frequency?

1 reply

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Yes, you can. From the documentation:
  • Radio Preference load group – performs band preference steering and load control. Bandpreference steering is a mechanism to move 11a‐capable clients to the 11a radio on the AP,relieving congestion on the 11g radio. No balancing is done between the 11a and 11g radios.Load control is disabled by default. A radio load group executes band preference steeringand/or load control across the radios on each AP in the group. Each AP balances in isolationfrom the other APs, but all APs in the load group have the same configuration related to theband preference and load control.