Clients can't connect to wifi because or RADAR rule but there is no message in the log or reports

We have 3705i AP's with C25 wifi controller and radar.
One of the prevention rules prevented making a connection to the wifi.
That's not the main problem but the laptop couldn't connect to the wifi and I got the message in windows that the key was not correct.
The problem was one of the prevention rules in RADAR.
As soon as I unclick that prevention rule or disable RADAR on that AP, I have my connection back.

It's not a big problem that this happens but it is more a problem that I don't see in the reports or in the logs that a computer can't connect.

I checked the RADAR reports but couldn't find anything about it, the same for the controller logs.
Am I looking in the wrong place ? What log or report should I check ?


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Could you please tell us which rule exactly was disabled to solve the problem.
The rule was:
Prevent authorized stations from roaming to external honeypot APs
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If you have some time I would suggest you contact us here in the GTAC and we will gladly take a look at this for you.
Hi, thanks for the reply.
Do I have to call the contact center in Belgium or to US ?
Apparently it has nothing to do with the prevention rules.
This is what I test:

I am configured with my laptop to the wifi (3705i), with radar license and all rules on except "Prevent any station from using an internal honeypot AP".

I disconnect the UTP cable from the 3705i AP and then I connect my laptop to another AP (other branch, it's a netgear cheap AP we use for testing also in the network).
Then I reconnect the 3705i again and I try to connect to it's SSD again and I am unable to connect, without a specific reason.

When I disable ALL radar prevention rules and I do the same test, result is the same.

Only when I DISABLE radar on that AP, then I can reconnect to that ap again.

I don't see anything in the logs, I can disassociate my computer from the AP and then it comes in the list again with client IP "N/A"

When RADAR is disabled and I simulate this test again, I can connect without a problem so it must have something to do with radar.
Since all prevention rules are disabled, this might be a bug maybe ?
I did some more tests with the detection and prevention rules and apparently I get the windows message "Can't connect to this network" only when the detection rule "Classify sources of interference" is turned on.

When that rule is turned off, I don't get this problem and I can reconnect straight away.

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This issue will be corrected in build 9.15.04 or higher. It should be posted on our extranet download site today or tomorrow the latest.


ok thanks.