extranet - sw download for wireless not working

  • 25 June 2014
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Could you please fix it ASAP - switch, Netsight download is working but for all wireless related I get the following error.....


6 replies

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Yes, this appears to have been broken sometime yesterday evening.
Currently nothing is downloadable from the IdentiFi Wireless Controller directory.

The Service Desk has been working on it.
I'll close the loop here when we have resolution.
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This now seems to be working, in that the selected file can be successfully downloaded.

But, for each firmware release there's supposed to be a Firmware zip file, and a separate Release Notes pdf file. For the most part, for each firmware release only the Firmware file - or only the Release Notes file - is available. Thus, the fix is not yet complete. Depending on your needs, though, you might find what you want:

More to follow here, starting in about 14 hours (my work day). In the meantime, the Service Desk is still working on it - and I apologize for the inconvenience.
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...and not all firmware folders are available for all supported wireless controller models.
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Thanks Paul, I think I'll wait till next week as right now it's a complete mess.
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I have not yet received confirmation that all of the expected Wireless product files have been restored to availability, but this morning it's all looking significantly better. Have a look.
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The Service Desk now considers this issue resolved.