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Identifi: L2 over GRE (possibly over IPSec over UDP) from AP to core network


Several vendors have started to provide the ability to create L2 tunnels over GRE (possibly over IPSec over UDP which can help secure the traffic and traverse NAT) for the user traffic, directly from the AP to the core network (not to the controller like CAPWAP traffic encapsulation).

Is such a feature present/planed in the IdentiFi portfolio?


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Please send email to directly to PLM team for roadmap questions.
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IdentiFi today support having a Secure tunnel between the AP and Controller. This can be either Control or Data traffic for the AP. I believe that when configured it uses IPSec to encrypt the data. Is that basically what you're looking for?

so you want to redirect the traffic of the access point to whatever tunnel endpoint you like to? Sounds interesting.
As Tyler said, you can tunnel traffic (user and control based on your configuration) between AP and controller over IPSec UPD traversing NAT points in-between today. Anything else, please follow up with PLM team directly.