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locked out of c25 controller

  • 4 November 2013
  • 3 replies

I managed to change the ip on the management port on a c25 controller an dcannot get into it. IS there a way to reboot it and revert it to the default of

3 replies

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If you have a second interface/topologie enabled for management traffic you could reach the web interface or CLI using this ip address as alternative. To revert the ip address to the default address you could access the controller via serial port and change the ip address using the rescue mode menu: Rescue mode menu --> 5) Network Interface Menu (read full description in the EWC software maintaince guide).
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Hi Russell If you've forgotten the password too then the easiest way would be to attach a null modem serial terminal to the controller 115200 baud, 8,n,1 no flow control. Reboot the controller and choose rescue mode when the controller starts, within the menu there choose the authentication services menu, set the authentication to local and reset passwords to factory default (admin/abc123) Once you've rebooted the controller you can login via the CLI, type "topology" and following that "show" will tell you the IP of the defined interfaces. You can then manage the controller from there using the GUI as normal and reset the interface IP to what you require. If you still have problems after that I would recommend you call into the GTAC and they will walk you through the procedure to get you running again. -Gareth
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Hi Russell. Thanks for posting this to the community and thank you Hartmut and Gareth for jumping in! I have asked GTAC to take a look at this to see if there is additional guidance they can offer. If you have any additional information to add, please let us know. Thanks again!