Logging out of wifi

  • 24 March 2014
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The captive portal editor shows a button on the 'Index Page' that users can click to logoff their session. If users are logged on and using wireless, how do they get to the index page to click it?

4 replies

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you'd need to set the IP of the CP topology in the browser using https to get to the index page.
So in my case https;//

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So how does the end-user (the guest) know that address?
I am not completely sure, but shouldn't that "index page" stay open in the background after the guest logged in, so that he can end the session via the "logoff session"-button?
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You'd put a the link on the login page.... but no one will read it :-)
So the better solution would be to do a redirect to the index page after the correct login.
It's the "send successful login to" option in the below screenshot.

But that would mean that the guest/user needs to open another tab to get to the webpage that he was looking for.

OK, thanks for your time Ron.