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NAC Manager no refresh the information of END-SYSTEMS tab.

  • 27 February 2015
  • 4 replies

Hello everyone.

Recently NetSight firmware upgrade from version to version was performed. The problem is reflected in the information that shows the NAC Manager, as it does not update the information of the end-systems signed in the wireless network.

For example, the end-system X is signed with a profile of GUEST and later was changed to a profile of ENTERPRISE, the NAC Manager still shows what the profile GUEST, as if no update data end-system

At what is this?


4 replies

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Just to make sure....

- have you also upgraded the NAC system to 6.1?
- what version is installed on the WLAN controller
- If you check on the wireless controller i.e. the client per VNS report ... could you see the role of the client was changed to ENTERPRISE?
Hi Ronald, thanks for replying.

I mention that also upgrade the version of NAC Gateway to v.
The version of the wireless controller is the
from the web interface controller (v2110) if I see the end-system with the updated role.

THE problem is that the information of End-System tab of NAC Manager is not updated.

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Hi David
Not sure if this will help but it is worth a look.
I had a similar problem, The client was running a old NAC 5.0.
I installed a new updated NAC image (6.1), when I moved the 802.1x auth on the VNS from the old version 5 NAC to the new version 6.1 NAC I also did not see the end systems list update.
But the clients was authenticated and the correct policies was applied.
It turned out that the new VM image allocates alot more memory than the older version.
This exceeded the memory in my VM host.
Once I addressed the memory issue all started working correctly.

Hi Andre.
Thanks for your answer. reading your response, not how much memory your NAC had allocated and how much memory was you updated. My NAC has allocated a total of 12Gb of memory for the virtual machine in specific.

I look forward to your response.