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New 802.11ac wave II deployment issues.

  • 20 May 2016
  • 9 replies

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We are rolling out a new wireless deployment. New 802.11ac wave II AP's on a pair of 5210 controllers. We currently have some AP's cycling on and off. The POE utilization on the SSA they are plugged into is only around 30%.

Additionally some areas we are having client machines connect to AP's very far away even though they may be standing right near an AP broadcasting the same SSID.

Any advice would be appreciated.

9 replies

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Please let us know the exact AP model and the software that is running on the controller.
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Software is

Model is AP3935i
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We had the same issue with AP resets when we started deploying 3935i's on It appeared to be a bug causing the resets and GTAC provided us with an AP image as a fix. We've been running crash free for a couple weeks now. You probably want to open a ticket with GTAC and provide them with your tech support files to ensure it is the same bug.
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As for the distant client connections, are you seeing this on older AP models as well or just 3935i's?
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It worked fine on our old wireless deployment on older model AP's. Only started when we transitioned.
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It worked fine on our old wireless deployment on older model AP's. Only started when we transitioned.Other than differences in the radio or controller settings, i don't know why this would occur only on the new models. The client should be the one deciding which radio to connect to.

I've seen this happen in our environment on older AP's as well. There are some things you can do to make clients roam more aggressively.

1. you could experiment with increasing the minimum data rate. This also effectively shrinks the cell size, so you would need to ensure there is still appropriate coverage.

2. you could try using probe suppression and force disassociation thresholds. I'm currently testing this option in certain buildings where I want to ensure clients in specific area's or rooms are connecting to the closest AP.
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It worked fine on our old wireless deployment on older model AP's. Only started when we transitioned.I'm wondering if the AP cycling could be causing the client to prefer a distant connection over a closer one.

We have a high density deployment so our cell sizes are about as small as they are going to get.

The probe suppression is an option. I want to stop the AP cycling first so we have a baseline to go from without changing too many things at once.
I ran into this issue and GTAC has a fix for it coming out with the next firmware. If you open a ticket and provide the AP traces, they will mostly issue you an AP image with the patch in it. They did this for us and our customer hasn't had an issue since. Apparently "excessive" broadcast traffic causes the reboots...
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Put a ticket in to GTAC, with our AP traces. Currently pending a firmware update... they said that it appears to be a memory leak.