Radar License Mobility

  • 3 April 2014
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When installing Radar Licenses, are we currently limited to a single controller? if so, when will we support distributed licenses?

3 replies

The Radar Lics are shared among the pair. Install the radar lics only on one controller and you can also use the radar function on the pair controller. At the moment it is not possible to use radar over pair boundaries in one radar domain.
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To be more precise ... you need to install the RADAR licenses on the controller that has the "Security Analysis Engine" enabled.
On this controller you'd configure your RADAR scan profiles and add home and foreign APs to it.
APs that you add to the "In-Service Scan" & "Guardian Scan" profile are count against the RADAR licenses that you've installed.
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While Ron was correct prior to V9, in V9 we added a new feature called license pooling. Essentially this allows AP and/or Radar licenses to be shared within an HA pair. As part of this feature we also added the ability to move an AP from one controller to the other controller more easily. The combination of both features will allow customers to be able to load-balance their AP / Radar connections as their deployment or needs grow. Please note that the Radar analysis engine still only runs on one controller in the HA pair.