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recovering AP3610 ("kTrapMonitor: process cap is missing (fatal)")

  • 3 September 2014
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it seems that for some of my AP3610 accesspoints the upgrade failed from V8 to V9. So for now they repeatedly boot over and over. I actually don´t see them at the switchport anymore. Luckily I can connect to the serial port (see attached console output)

Does anyone know how I can recovering them? e.g. Is there a recovery image for accesspoints?

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That one did it:

To Reset IdentiFi Wireless APs to Factory Default Settings:
1. Switch off, and then switch on the IdentiFi Wireless AP. The IdentiFi Wireless AP reboots.
2. Switch off, and then switch on the IdentiFi Wireless AP during the vulnerable time interval.
Refer to the Wireless AP’s LED pattern to determine the vulnerable period. For more
information, see the Extreme Networks IdentiFi Wireless Software User Guide.
3. Repeat Step 2 two more times.
When the IdentiFi Wireless AP reboots for the fourth time, after having its power supply
interrupted three consecutive times, it restores its factory default settings. The IdentiFi
Wireless AP then reboots again to put the default settings into effect.

1 reply

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Please contact support and we will setup a remote session to try and fix these for you.