Rolling/sequenced upgrade of AP's after controller upgrade

  • 11 February 2014
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After upgrading a wireless controller it would be nice if the AP reboot/TFTP/Upgrade process does not have to completely impact the clients. We typically do something like reboot 1 AP per floor at a time. This can be time consuming however (1400 AP's at some sites).

3 replies

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Is this the same as Schedule AP reboot?
No - the schedule AP reboot is a manual reboot. I think Jon mean an automatic update. The second AP in a group will be updates after the first AP finish the update. I wrote a FR with this idea, but the FR lie and die in the heads of the product managers. :-(

This feature would be a very good function for all serviceteams and there customers.
BR Werner PS: My Feature Request (00907302) from 27 Dec 2012 was closed without further informations.
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We are not dead, so the idea didn't die just yet. With the current C4 process, we review the features and if makes sense to add it in the future we keep it open in an internal database while we close it in SFC to be considered for a future release. As we get multiple requests for the same feature we increase the priority and eventually make it to production. To date over a third of C4s have been delivered in IdentiFi Wireless. So it was (is) a good idea and we are tracking for a future release. Not quite dead Product Manager ;-)