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V2110: Windows clients can't connect

  • 14 April 2015
  • 6 replies

We have a V2110 controller and since yesterday, clients with windows can not connect to the SSID provided by the controller.Clients with android, linux, ios, connect with no problems, but clients with windows, always refused without error.

6 replies

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Hi, could you please tell us which software version you are running on your V2110.

Have you tried a reboot ?
Yes, we have already made a reboot.

For example, the same laptop booting with windows do not connect, and booting with ubuntu connect
What type of authentication are you using on that SSID ?
I have two differents SSID.
One using Mac authentication, and the other using WPA - PSK.
This situation applies in both.
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Did it work after the upgrade to and you run into the issue just today.
Have you also tried to reboot the APs ?
It was working in this version by the end of last week.Since yesterday, clients (laptops and smartphones) with windows stop working.
There are some windows clients taht can connect, get IP address, but the trafic doesn't pass.

I've done the reset to all APs and controller.