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wifi connection problem

  • 9 February 2015
  • 4 replies

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i have 2 controllers in HA with acces points 4102,3705i. i have problem with WIFi with some computers i have conecction but i can surf in the internet and other cases i can work without problem

4 replies

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Hi Salvador,
Can you provide more information about what does and what doesn't work in this situation?
Can the clients ping their gateway? Do they get a proper IP address?
Are the client VLANs bridged at the AP or tunneled back to the controller?
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Hi , in this case i have conecction, but if i try do a ping at the gateway i do not have answer of the default gateway

and if search for the ip address at the sw core i dont have information about this ip address

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i comment that the mode of the access point is "bridge traffic locally at AP"
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Could be as simple as a wrong subnet mask on the client or the client has a firewall enabled - in that case you also get no echo reply.

But again you've provide not enough information - we've no idea "where" your core switch is.
I can't tell whether RW_S4_Informatica is in the same subnet or not.
Is the client configured for static IP or DHCP

So check "ipconfig" on the wireless client and then ping from another client in the same subnet.
Ping from both sides just to make sure.
You'd also try 2 wireless clients on the same AP and check the results (make sure that "block client to client traffic" is disabled on the WLAN service).

If it still doesn't work run wireshark on the client to see what is going on.