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wireless clients are moving to undesirable SSID

  • 19 April 2016
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I have setup consists of NAC, LDAP and wireless controller with several SSIDs. Two SSIDs are 802.1X authentication mode based on LDAP through NAC and other two SSIDs are simply pre-shared key based.

The problem that the smartphones which should connect using 802.1x based SSID they are moving sometimes to another SSID while roaming from AP to other or/and when connected again after losing the coverage.

Is there a way to enforce those users to connect to desirable SSID automatically. But other than deleting undesirable SSIDs from those phones because they are needed sometimes.

It might be silly case! but it is end user' request :(


1 reply

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It's all client driven unfortunately. If you have enough coverage it should not be an issue but I know that's not always the case.