WLAN Problems Android vs. IOS Devices

  • 14 September 2014
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We have a small Office Solution with 1 virtual EWC Firmware : and 4 AP 3715i .

There are 2-4 Notebooks / 4-5 Android Devices (Samsung Galaxy / Sony Tablet ) and nearly 10 IOS Devices IPhone / IPAD ....

None of the IOS Devices or the Notebooks have Problems with WLAN Connections...

Nearly all of the Android devices are having regular Problems with WLAN Connection .. most of them getting sometimes no DHCP Lease or the WLAN Connection Drops after 3-4 min.

DHCP Process sometimes runs 1 Minute bevor completing ... IOS Device need 3-4 sec..

I´m not awaiting a solution from you but perhaps could anybody guide me to discover the Problem .... which log is to oberve and how can i test it .


Christian from Germany

2 replies

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So in case the WLAN appliance is the DHCP server for your clients ... what does the DHCP log show?
It's in > Logs > DHCP
Could you see the request from the client MAC and what response is given.... do you see "wrong network" in such case.
I have the same problem
What solution did you apply?