• 20 April 2017
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Hi i have an extreme WS-AP3865e external AP and im connecting two WS-A0-DT0520N. each antenna has 3 leads comming out. does the tec spec of the AP relate to each lead on each unit,IE Left, Middle, Right from each unit pluging into the top and bottom ports in the order shown for the spec.

1 reply

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Correct, but be careful with the installation because the antenna ports are not in order on the AP. Two of the top antenna ports are 2.4G and one is 5G and two of the bottom ports are 5G and one is 2.4G. So one of the antennas needs to be connected to the 3 x 5G ports and the other antenna needs to be connected to the 3 x 2.4G ports.

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