Hive Manager on premise update failed

  • 24 August 2020
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We are running Hive Manager Enterprise (Classic) on premise v6.8r2, I decided we were overdue an update, so downloaded this file for 8.2r2e.

I ran the update and got to here:


All looks good but I didn’t get any further messages.  I left it overnight, no change the next morning so I rebooted from the SSH console.

Hive Manger came back with 6.8r2 as before but loss of config in the database, so I has to run a database restore.

Did I reboot too early or am I using the wrong update file?  It seems unlikely the update should take 15 hours but it is a big version jump.

Any helpful advice gratefully received.

Thanks, Kevin.

4 replies

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Should be fine to jump from 6.8r2 to the latest (file is correct), but definitely shouldn’t be taking that long. What are the specs of the VM?

Thanks for taking the time to respond Ash, it’s useful to know that at least I didn’t have the wrong install file (though I’d hope the wrong file would have failed validation).

Good question re the VM spec, I didn’t think to check if there was a minimum requirement, it’s 4 x CPU and 4GB RAM .

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Potentially trying to go to 8GB RAM may help? Found an old datasheet that says 4GB is used for VM, 4GB for the database -


Nice one Ash, that sheet does suggest 8Gb RAM.  We are going to try a fresh install to a new VM so will also try those settings.

Will let you know how it goes.