Hivemanager NG import local users to cloud users

  • 8 July 2020
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Our company use Hivemanager NG on prem.


I`ve an issue with importing users from one group to another group. it says that the group type is invalid

We have two user group policies for one SSID.

With the old one keys ( PPSK) will be created on the hivemanager and updated to the access points.

(PW DB location local)


The new user group creates the accesss codes on the hivemanager and the access points contact the hivemanager to check that the key is legit. This group has the follow setting: Password DB location cloud


When I do an export / import I see this:

how can I`ve this solved? 

2 replies

Is there someone who can help me with this? My Aerohive supplier is on a holiday for a long time and this is the last part of my project.

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I believe you wouldn’t be able to merge users that have the password database set as local in to a group that has the password database set to cloud. If you import users from a group that uses local storage to a different group that uses local storage, do you get the same error?