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Client Sessions Not Transferring

  • 5 September 2018
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I have set up my 3 Wireless Controllers to have a Mobility Manager and two Mobility Agents. If I am correct in my understanding of Mobility Manager, it's so that if the client leaves an AP on one controller and go to an AP on another controller their session should be able to transfer no issue.

For some reason my clients sessions will not transfer even though I have Mobility Manager set up according how the Knowledge documents show. I have tried researching everything I can on the issue. The manager shows it has 3 up connections to the agents, and both agents show they're connected to the manager. Also, I have checked the NTP on all 3 as I read that can be an issue and have all 3 set to Google's NTP.

Am I missing something? Usually if a client leaves one controller onto another, I have to go on and disassociate them from the original controller so they can connect to another one. I feel as though it is all set up correctly, but just not playing right. Any ideas?

5 replies

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Hello Parker,

are you using availability on two of your Controllers, too?
Are you using a bridged at controller topology?
Do you have the same settings for the topology,vns,wlan service,... on all controllers?

What controller version you are using?

What do you see in the controller logs in case of the failure ?

What do you see in the station Event log in case of the failure? Regards Stephan
Okay, so even though I stated I had 3 two are more important that the third. Lets call them 57, 58, and 56. 57 has 38 APs and controls a building, 58 has 48 APs and controls 2 buildings, 56 currently has 1 AP in one room inside a building. When we have administrators or staff (including myself) moving from building with 57 to 58 they have to be dissociated to connect to the other. 57 and 58 were installed together while 56 was added 2 years later to handle more APs.

Availability: 57 and 58 are paired with 57 being the main connection point. Both are set to Sync Configs with one another and look exactly identical.

Bridged: All topologies show a B@EWC which I imagine is bridged at Extreme Wireless Controller as they aren't B@AP.

Settings: All settings between the 3 are identical. 57 and 58 are synced across the board while 56 has the topologies copied exactly.

Version: 57 and 58 are C25 controllers running software 56 is a V2110 running

Controller logs don't show anything. The only thing that is shown is one day when all the controllers went into failover mode (July 2017).

Station Event logs weren't configured, so I will turn them on and test now with myself to see what happens during the switch.

Edit: So I used my own computer as a test switching between the two buildings, I started in 58 then moved to 57. I can see my device register and get an IP Address from 58 as well as move around, but when I move to the 57 building the Station Events doesn't show anything. I am sitting in the 57 building now but controller 58 still shows my device on having a session with it, so I am unable to connect to the 57 controller. Not even a second from me dissociating it from the 58 controller it connects to the 57 controller no issue.
I will test tomorrow, but I believe I have found the issues. Of course I was looking at times and everything, but for some reason 57 had a date of 3/5/18 while 58 had the correct date of 9/5/18. Both now have the correct date and time, so hopefully this solves the issue.
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Hello Parker, I think because you are roaming with mobility your Session shoult remain on the first controller. Check if you are connected to an AP (see in reports). In addition update your V2110 to a Version newer than 10.31.04 there was a Bugfix for mobility.
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What Shows the client location in mobility Zone Report in case of failure?