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802.1x configuration on Enterasys RoamAbout RBT-4102-EU

  • 24 March 2016
  • 2 replies

Hello all,

I have a RBT-4102-EU and I want to use it with 802.1x/Radius to standalone authentication for my wireless Eduroam clients in our campus network. I use "Radiator" to provide authentication server. Radiator Server already working well with Aruba 7000 controller with dozens of Aruba Aps. It's eduroam configuration is smoothly. In addition to this, RBT-4102-EU working properly with WPA-Shared mode.

I have configured RBT-4102-EU to 802.1x by following the instructions in the "RBT-4102 Wireless Access Point
Configuration Guide" and the device has provided 802.1x service properly to just Android Tablets and Android Phones. The mobil android devices are connected properly to the eduroam network.
When i trying to connect to the eduroam with a notebook by using correct username and password, the radius server doesn't authenticate the notebook. The device can't receive an IP adress from the DHCP server. We use Windows 10 and SecureW2 to connecting eduroam network.

With the same notebook configurations, it connected to eduroam network by using other vendor's AP.

Is there another setting I'm missing? Any Ideas?

Thank you.

2 replies

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If it's working with one device type then the ap is probably configured correctly. Does the RADIUS server indicate any errors for the Windows machine (logs on the server)?
Hi Doug, thank you for quick reply.
I haven't seen any log about Windows machine on radius server.