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Downgrade N3 switch to L2

  • 27 February 2016
  • 4 replies

My company just bought a new core switch, now i want to start using the N3 as a distribution switch with only L2, how can i upgrade the firmware? i dont need the routing features or advance features anymore

4 replies

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Hi John, I don't think I've ever seen a query quite like yours but here's my solution: Just ignore the Routing and advanced features. They are not performance impacting if they are not configured to do anything. You probably want to start with a clean configuration by issuing a clear configuration command but that's it. There is no up/downgraded software to go to that does what you are asking that I have ever heard of. I hope this helps James
Thank you for the fast reply James,

That’s one way of doing that.

But I’m stuck in version 5 or 4 and because N3 is a L3 device Enterasys/Extreme doesn’t allow download without service contract. I have request a quote for the upgrade to version 7 but they demand that I pay for the service contracts for all the years since the device was bought (in 2006) until now to be eligible to do the upgrade.

I like the N3 as a switch but because i'm stuck in a old firmware version, i'm starting to consider that it’s smarter just to retired this old switch and bought a new L2 distribution switch. it’s a pity because the switch is still functional after all this years and still capable of doing the job i want...

Anyways thank you for the advice.
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Wow, that doesn't sound like the Extreme I know. Did GTAC actually tell you you needed to pay for the intervening years of no service in order to get new software?! You may have to ding the sales folks who are usually really good about things like this fixed. Be forewarned however that suppott for the N-series gear ends in a month or two. James
It was the extreme representative in my country who presented the proposal. With the intervening years of no service included to be eligible to do the upgrade. We have many Enterasys Switch but because they are layer 2 we are able to download the firmware from website. This is the only one we can’t get updates or upgrades… And now the support service is too expensive for a ten years old switch.

I know about the end of support but i still think the N3, with the latest firmware, is a good candidate for a redundant L2 distribution switch. Cisco usually allow download for L2 version without service contracts. The initial idea was to "limit" the N3 to L2 to be able to upgrade...

It was a good idea to convert to L2 if updates were available. But is not technical viable. I must consider bought a new L2 distribution switch. One with lifetime free updates...

Thanks for your time James, have a good weekend.