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Firmware/Partiton consistency

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Jul 9 2013 7:32PM

Hello Everyone,

So we have about 500 switches, including stand alone switches and stacks. Some switches have 15.X firmware running on active primary partition and the rest have 15.X running on active secondary partition. This especially causes issues when replacing a broken stack slot. We have to make sure that the primary and secondary firmware of the replacement matches that of the stack.

I want to keep 15.X constant on active primary partitions and say 12.X on standby partition across all the switches. I tried Ridgeline (3.1) but there's no option to choose the destination partition. Looks like the only way is to manually boot all switches into primary and install 12.X on secondary and so on...

Was wondering if you guys have done something similar?
If yes, then please do share your experience.

Best regards (from Shashank_S Kumar)

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