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Generating Dragon IPS Weekly Summary Reports

  • 26 May 2016
  • 2 replies


We are using Extreme Networks®️ Intrusion Prevention System version and would like to generate automated Dragon IPS Weekly Summary Reports which can be sent via email.

Kindly assist in a step by step procedure of how to generate such reports.

Thanks in advance.
Kombe Kaponda.

2 replies

Kindly assist in a step by step procedure of how to generate such reports.
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Creating, scheduling and emailing a report is very easy in v8.3.

1. Launch the web Dashboard
2. Click on the 'Schedule' menu and then 'Manage Report Templates'.
3. Click on the 'New Templates' button
4. Select the report you wish to schedule. For example 'Event Count Summary'
5. Fill in the fields such as the email address, name of the scheduled report, report type (pdf, html, etc) and the schedule (monthly, weekly, daily).

Ensure that the 'Schedule Active' option is selected.

You can leave the 'Query Paramters' portion blank to include all events. Or you can configure filters in these fields for specific criteria to report on.

Click save when finished.

6. You report will now appear under the 'Managed Report Template' section. You can edit your report (click on the gear icon) or run the report manually (click on the green arrow) and delete the report.

If you generate the report manually or it generates on schedule, the finished report will appear on the Generated Reports page (under the Reports menu). Here you can view your report(s) in the web/pdf/etc. Once generated, it will automatically email the report to you based on the settings you configured above in the template.