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How can I preform a password recovery on an Extreme 24e3 switch?

  • 17 October 2016
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Its believe its running 6.2 something.
I have the instructions below, but I believe that defaults the sw, I would rather try to keep the config if I could

  1. Connect switch to local serial console;
  2. Cold boot your device (power of the device, wait a minute, power on the device);
  3. In the very beginning of the boot process press Space to enter boot menu;
  4. Follow this procedure to remove any configuration and passwords: [list=1]
  5. Press “1” to select primary boot image;
  6. Press “k” to erase current configuration;
  7. Press “d” to load default configuration;
  8. Press “f” to load switch with reset config;
The result of this procedure is a switch with default login: admin and an empty password.[/list]

1 reply

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Hi Jimmy, there is no way to perform a password recovery on S24e3 and keep the switch configuration.

The BootROM options clear all user/admin accounts + switch configuration to default.