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How can i translate cisco commands into extreme summit switches ?

  • 9 March 2016
  • 6 replies

I need to know how can I translate cisco commands into extreme summit switches ?
what can I do ?

6 replies

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you can not translate these commands on a simple way

cisco has a fundamental opposite understanding of vlan commands, and also the extreme policy commands are a completely other way to do this

To solve your Problem you need a Cisco CCIE and an Extreme ECE.. and it should be the same person 🙂
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For XOS operating system there is cisco like cli module you can install to the switch. So some commands will work. The Extreme documentation is very good, with examples... If you understand the standard or the feature you should be able to "translate" the CLI...
I know from a friend that I can download legacy CLI image and download it on the extreme switch.

I don't know if this scenario is correct or not
if correct, how can i implement this scenario in details ?
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Hi Amr,

As Zdenek mentioned there is a legacy CLI XMOD that can be installed with the XOS image. This can be found on our support portal with the rest of the images. You would install it just like you would install XOS just make sure you specify the running partition and use the command "run update" or reboot the afterwards.
could you please send me the download link for legacy CLI XMOD because I can't reach it in the support portal
and please explain how to run this image on Extreme summit switches ?
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Hi Amr, you can download the module and documentation in the links below:

CLI Legacy Module:

ExtremeXOS Legacy CLI Quick Reference Guide:

Also, you can find more information in the Article below: