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How Capture Packets in Extreme x400 (Extremeware) Switch...

  • 28 February 2017
  • 4 replies

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We are capturing packets in our EXOS Switches using "debug packet caputre". In our network we are having ExtremeWare Switches(x400) also. It is not showing the debug option. How to capture packets in ExtremeWare Switches(x400)?


4 replies

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What information you are trying to collect from debug output? Provide us the exact switch model and software version.
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We are trying to detect number of mDNS packets received by the switch. In our x440 Model switches, we ran the "debug packet capture on" and "debug packet capture off" to capture packets. After that , We will filter the mDNS packets from the captured file using Wireshark.

Please check the below image for Switch model and software version.

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Hello, Thavamani Shanmugam!

As I know packet capture work from EXOS 15.4 and hier.
I don't beleive that ExtremeWare have this functional.

But as workaround you can use Mirror to some packet analizer.
With ACL you can filter only necessary traffic for Mirror.

Thank you!
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This functionality is not available in the legacy ExtremeWare products.