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how to enable/disable trial license in extreme ware switches summit 400-24P ?

  • 7 November 2015
  • 6 replies

Need to enable & disable trial License in Extreme Ware Summit 400-24P switch.

"show switch" output shows : License: *** ILLEGAL Advanced Edge ***.

Software Version: Primary EW Ver: 7.8e.4.1 [non-ssh]

6 replies

Hello Jitendra Patel,

You can clear the license information by execute the below command:

#clear license-info

If the switch you are using is on a trial license, you will need to use an alternate command to clear license information on the switch.

#debug epm clear trial-license

Hope this will help you!
Hello Jitendra,

I hope the below article may help you for the same:

Dear Ajo,

Thanks a lot. I will try above. I already tried #debug epm clear trial-license. but it did not worked. It works on XOS switches.
Dear Ajo,

I tried #clear license-info also but it is not working on Summit 400-24P.
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The command sent were for EXOS, not EW.
Need to dig in some old and deep archive to find a way
Sure !!! Will wait for your reply.
Thanks in advance.
Jitendra C Patel