How to set Ridgeline temperature threshold

we're receiving Overheat messages at 34 degrees from Ridgeline and want to set the threshold for these messages to 38 degrees. How can we do this?:

Alarm Message: Core/Stack SNMP Trap Overheat
sysDescr.0: ExtremeXOS (Stack) version v1533b5-patch1-10 by release-manager on Fri May 23 15:29:58 EDT 2014
extremeCurrentTemperature.0: 34

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Which version of Ridgeline is in use?
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This is not possible in Ridgeline 4.0 but can be done in 3.1. See the link below, starting on page 328 is the information for configuring thresholds:
Thanks, i already tried this option but was unable to archive my goal.
Could you help me with the exact settings for Overheat to set them to 39 degrees ?