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Information about Enterasys switch

Hi ,
I neet to find information about the following switch in order to perform a future audit.
Model: A2H 124-24

I need to know if this model and firmware versions are vulnerable or not.
is this the latest firmware release available?
Is this model still under a support lifecycle program ?
Thank you

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Hello Carlettus,

No A2H switch model is not under support lifecycle program anymore.
About the firmware, the last available version is so you're already on the last version.

In general the last version on the EoL products are the recommended version and they may have some vulnerabilities because developpment has been stopped.

Hello Nicholas,
Thank you very much for your support.
Since the product is in EOL and I need to perform an audit on it , could you please let me know if there is a Security Hardening manual for the Enterasys switch?

Thank you again