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Invalid IP configured in Enterasys VH-2402S

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I'm not quitting on this but I do have to put it aside so I can catch up on other work. I think I have some very useful information to keep trying. I promise to be back soon with additional findings or success. Does anyone have any thoughts of me trying serial access to the switch by rigging up modem access to it? My thought here, and somewhere in my searches, I saw a document that showed AT commands that talks with the switch. I haven't fooled with AT commands since the modem days being the only way to the internet. But I can do it to try it. In some ways I don't see it as much different the PuTTY access, but I'm hoping the AT commands may provide a different way to get into the switch. Thanks all. I have been educated! I will be back with this. /dale
9/10/18. I found sometime to work on this IP switch problem. I understood Robert's suggestion of making the network "bigger" to allow the .255 broadcast IP to not be a broadcast IP. I have only limited success tho. Before, my connection attempts would result in "fail to resolve" the IP. I am past that but now I get "connection time out" messages. I can now ping the switch .255 (before I couldn't); scanners find the switch, it is in ARP, etc. The serial console still fails to respond using serial, telnet or SSH. I am starting to think something is wrong with the serial console card in this switch. Other ways in connecting was tried such as ethernet cable but it results in connection timouts too. Just looking for any more thoughts, suggestions or ideas on this... Thanks. /dale
Attach a VT100 compatible terminal or a PC running a terminal emulation
program to the serial port on the Management Module. Use the nullmodem
cable provided with this package, or use a null-modem
connection that is compatible with the console port pin assignments
shown in Appendix A of the VH-2402S2 Hardware Installation Guide.
Do not use X.X.X.255 for IP Address