Legacy Firmware for 1i

We pulled from inventory a working 1i. It has
System Serial Number: 800084-09-0139M00658
Image : Extremeware Version 6.1.5 (Build 20) by Release_Master Sat 09/23/2000 6:56p

Our upgrade path is
To upgrade EW I-Series switches to 7.1.0, you have to follow the below upgrade path:
Upgrade the BootROM to Version 8.2 - I-Series_ngboot82.bin
Upgrade to ExtremeWare 6.1.9 - I_Series_v619b41.xtr
Upgrade to ExtremeWare - I_Series_v622b134.Sxtr
Upgrade to ExtremeWare 7.1.0 - I_Series_v710b48.Sxtr

The items in bold I am unable to locate. On our network we have 5000+ extreme devices, but in our archives I am unable to find this older firmware, searches of google and Extreme support produced no results. Where would I find them?

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Hi Jimmy,
It's been a while since I've had to think about the upgrade path for the 1i - what you've listed here sounds correct.
Since this switch is quite old and not all of the files are easily available, I went ahead and packaged the ones you requested (or an equivalent and compatible version) for you to use.

In the zip file, you'll also find the most recent (and last) ExtremeWare release, v784b1-patch1-4. The Summit 1i in this release uses Bxtr files (instead of xtr), so I included those for you. No guarantees that it will work, but we can try!

Good luck!
Drew, you freakin rock.....thank you!
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Jimmy wrote:

Drew, you freakin rock.....thank you!

Wow Jimmy....love the size of your purple network and that your 1i is still rocking. Impressive.

I'm curious, how long has it been in service? This is almost a truck testimonial where the owner has driven 400,000 miles...good stuff!
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Jimmy wrote:

Drew, you freakin rock.....thank you!

I'll match his 1I with a couple of summit 24's that have been in place since around 1999... Still making us money... I would imagine Jimmy has more than just the 1i in his lineup too... Just can't seem find a reason to replace things that still work and do their jobs.
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Jimmy wrote:

Drew, you freakin rock.....thank you!

That is impressive! Those early Summit(s) -- 24 & i-Series -- were rock solid. Love to see that they're still cranking today.

Thanks for sharing EtherMAN and Jimmy!