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Legacy firmware Smart Switch Router (X-Pedition)

  • 6 February 2017
  • 2 replies

In a previous life, used Cabletron/Enterasys gear, including SSR & ER16. I have a SSR-8 (non-production, at my home to play with) (yes, I have no-not a lot to do). I realize the SSR is end of sale/support. However, is the firmware still available? I assume there is a fee.

2 replies

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The last firmware for this product was version E10.00.21.005 dated July 2009, what version are you running?

E9.0.1.0 & BootPROM

If E10.00.21.005 & BOOT is available, would like it in a format where a TFTP can be done; incase my card goes bad.