Query on command "Configure sharing adress-based" - Summit400-48t

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Hi all,

I have couple of Summit400-48t connected to each other on two links and ports sharing is enabled (mac-source-dest is running at the moment).

enable sharing 47 grouping 47,48
I now want to change it to IP-source-dest using command "configure sharing address-based ip-source-dest"

My question is :

Will changing the sharing algorithm result in loss of any configuration like spanning tree etc?

I need to work on switches in production and lack of test set up is restricting me to answer this question.


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Hello Singh,

When creating a share LAG with "enable sharing grouping algorithm address-based lacp" removes any configuration on the port. Therefore whatever configuration was made on this port prior to creating the share, will be lost.

When changing the sharing algorithm it is necessary to disable the share first. This will result in any configuration on the master port being lost. This would include any STP configuration that was made after the share was created.

I hope this helps.