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Redundant Power Module Cables

  • 12 July 2015
  • 7 replies

When getting a redundant power box and modules for my Summit x400s, I see there are the regular power cords for the input to the module and something else for connection to the switches. What kind of connector\cable is that? Where can I locate one?

7 replies

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Hello Mike,

Try these links - the data sheet has the information you're looking for.
If more detailed material is what you're asking about, give the thread a bump and you're sure to get what you need.

search ‘Accessories'


best regards,

The power cords section only seemed to have regular AC wall to device type power cords. I didn't see anything about the power cords between the 10907 and the switch.

I know in the non-cable area, I need 1x10906 and 2x 10907s, but alas, unknown for cables.
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I understand that you're talking about external redundant Power supplies, right?

The X440 uses the EPS-C2 (10936) with one, two or three 750W PoE AC PSUs (10931). The 10936 comes with one [i]EPS-CBL-2x7 (10939) and has four more connectors. The exact number of X440s that can be powered by a single EPS-C2 depends on the number of PSUs installed and the models connected (PoE or non-PoE)

In particular, if you want to add a RPS for PoE models, there's the RPS-500p (10923). This RPS can provide power to only one switch and already includes the cable between the RPS and the switch.

All information about external RPS can be found in Summit Family Hardware Installation Guide more specifically Installing an EPS-C2 Chassis
Yes, the external redundant power supply.

I'm looking at x400s, not x440s.

I know I need the 10906 and 2x 10907s, but no one on the second hand market has the cables and all the Extreme documentation I find says the cables come with the modules... but that's new, not second hand.
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Oh, it's the Summit 400. We were misled by the X...

That's a really old switch that reached End of Life two years ago...

Please contact GTAC to check if the EPS-CBL-2x9 (10940) can be used. If not, maybe they can provide you with the pinout of the cable.
Oh, I didn't realize until now that the 400 didn't have an X in front of it. OOPS
It actually looks like 10939 might be the cable I need. It's the same 2x7 format as the 400. I did ask GTAC about this. Awaiting their response.