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Regarding Altitude 350-2i & Altitude 350-2d WAPs .

I have Altitude 350-2i & Altitude 350-2d WAPs & Summit WLAN controller WM 200 installed in my Institute.. The software version of the controller is Software: V5 R1.10310.3. IThe system is working fine for last six years but recently what we have observed that some of the access points are not working. When we supply power to them only cental LED will start blink Green. Can any body suggests me a way to make those APs operational.

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Hi. Reset the AP to factory defaults and when it boots telnet to the AP. The default username and password is in the comminity already. Search for "new2day". Then check what is in the log: cat /tmp/log/ap.log or tail -f /tmp/log/ap.log Another option is to sniff the traffic and analyze it by wireshark. The wireahark does understand the WASSP protocol. Regards Zdenek