Ridgeline 4.0 & Java 7? Windows...

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Create Date: Oct 17 2013 11:11AM

I have a customer that we have just installed the Windows x64 version of Ridgeline 4.0 for (no patches installed). Due to vulnerabilities in Java 6 as a policy they do not allow Java 6 to be installed on any of their Windows 7 clients and only Java 7 is installed. When launching the Ridgeline default page and attempting to login to Ridgeline they just get prompted to install Java 6 update 25 and get nowhere else.

I have now installed Ridgeline 4.0 on a VM in my lab on a Windows 2008 R2 machine and also installed Patch 1 & 2. I also have the issue of it requiring Java 6. I have wiped Java 7 from a client and installed Java 6 update 43 (the last release of Java 6) and Ridgeline works ok. The problem is the customer will not run Java 6 on any client so I need to find a solution/workaround to getting it working with Java 7.

Anyone have this working?
(from Andrew_Butterworth)

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Create Date: Oct 17 2013 1:41PM

Just a quick update... If I launch the Ridgeline.jnlp applet directly (http://ridegline.server:8080/Ridgelin...) it launches and lets me login, however the applet just hangs once the main Ridgeline window opens, as does Java. I have set Java 7 to display the console and it displays and at the point Ridgeline hangs it also hangs. I get the main ridgeline screen drawn but only the left pane is displayed (Home, Identity Views, Device Configuration, Network Configuration etc), everything to the right is blank.

Andy (from Andrew_Butterworth)
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Create Date: Oct 22 2013 3:06PM

Same here. I don't want to give up my defaults and plugins being Java 7, and adding Java 6 as an alternate version of Java opens a box of (barely manageable) worms. The applet's publisher being "UNKNOWN" isn't a good thing either (from Frank_M.)