Ridgeline 4.0 SP 2 Download?

Hello Guys!

I have exactly this problem bellow with ridgeline 4.0 64 bits SP1.

Ridgeline 4.0 || Unused Port Report Does not Return DataSymptoms Unused Ports Reports in Ridgeline 4.0 does not return data.
Environment Ridgeline 4.0 Service Pack 1 patches 1 through 3
Cause This behavior is a bug in software.
Resolution Upgrade to Ridgeline 4.0 SP2 Patch 1 and newer. Use documented CR rgl0023741 for reference.
Additional notes

But i can't find that document reference and SP2 for download, somebody can help me?

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The SP2 download is controlled by plm ... I just happen to be meeting with who you need to contact to get it. Can you please email offline @ removed with your topology, # os switches managed and your contact information and I get you the other information you will need to get it.


Thanks Bill!

Im gonna send.