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ridgeline 4.0 SP1 patch3 bug list

  • 18 August 2014
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Well, to everyone willing to upgrade your Ridgelines to 4.0 SP1 because of java 6 issues, STOP RIGHT NOW.
First install it in a new system, add some devices and check if you are affected by some of these bugs.
Any help is appreciated, also feel free to add some more bugs if you find them.

The bugs listed below have been found in a Windows 2008 R2 Standard 64bits (english*) environment. The server is IBM with a Xeon 3.6Ghz and 8GB RAM (not virtual).

* Because it won't install in any international version of the OS.

  • Infinite VMAN multiplication - Everytime a device with VMANs is synched (updated), a NEW entry is created in the vlan list, instead of updating the existing one. After a while the database is cluttered with duplicated information and the interface slows down significantly.
  • Cannot watch script execution in real time - The terminal screen is only updated when you change device and go back to the one you want to watch, but it is impossible to do this if you're executing a script in a single device.
  • Cannot backup configuration - Scheduled or requested, both fail. Already tried switching ssh/telnet and http/https modes on/off with no success. Used to work at the beginning, now it won't anymore even after a clean re-install of Ridgeline Server software.
  • Cannot create new protected vlans in existing EAPS rings - After failing to connect to some switches, the process aborted.
I probably forgot some, will update tomorrow.

Before anyone says so, I refuse opening a case in TAC, because I don't feel like explaining each of these bugs to our vendor, who will probably translate erroneously to Extreme and get nowhere. Well, that's why partnerworks is cheaper than direct support.
Also, as NetSight seems to be much better than Ridgeline, makes no sense to spend time and effort fixing a dead software since the obvious thing to do is to migrate all Extreme platform to NetSight.

RIP Ridgeline.


1 reply

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Adding some minor bugs:

  • Config Manager window does not sort by last successful backup time. Trying will have no effect.
  • Firmware manager doesn't take into consideration the stack members models, and offer a version ( that is not supported anymore for a X250e Stack
  • Firmware manager doesn't show information in the column "upgrade type", and offer a weird upgrade for a X460, which I suppose to be a boot rom upgrade.
  • Firmware manager is extremely slow to set standard version