Ridgeline 4 P2 - vSphere 5.1 + CentOS5.9 - java errors

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Create Date: Oct 18 2013 8:35PM


I have troubles to make ridgeline4 work in our VMware ESXi environment. The VM has all the right specs, but I installed the most recent release of CentOS5 64bit, as we want our servers patched. Installation went smoothly (the installer gave no errors).

Ridgeline made java crash on several occasions and the IP/MAC Address Finder doesn't work in both modes (db query or network query). So I guess FDB polling ain't working either. Regularly there are ERROR messages in the Ridgeline4.log file.
Ridgeline has telnet/http access to the switches (in production I need to change this to ssh/https)

Can anyone confirm it works with vSphere5.1 - CentOS5.9 64bit ?
Do you guys update the CentOS/RHEL server or do you keep it at 5.0 ?
Does ridgeline use any java packages from Redhat or is everything included in the installer?

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